Homeless Band Los Hobos Stinks – Literally

A Stinky Hobo

A group of three homeless men and one woman is causing a stink in downtown Naperville, IL – in a good way. The group, which performs streetside every weekend, attracts crowds with their unique sounds. They perform songs with improvised instruments such as grocery carts, 40 oz. beer bottles, and crack pipes.

“The dog ate my rent,” is probably their most popular song, a barbershop quartet of sorts that features their mange ridden, pit-bull mix, PB Skeetz, barking along side the erratic yelling of the other members. “I Pissed Myself on the Subway Entrance and I Don’t Care,” is another fan favorite that tells the whimsical tale of the time Larry McGullery, the band’s lead singer, urinated in his pants on the entrance to a subway and sat there all day waiting for it to dry. “I sat there with my hair a muss and I stank real bad of asparagus,” crooned McGullery in a gravelly, near-death tenor. “People seem to enjoy it – last night we got 30 dollars, half an order of PF Chang’s Crispy Honey Shrimp, and a brand new white sock.”

The group was even featured on the local PBS radio station WPFU. “These guys are so great. They really have an unrefined beauty that’s missing from so much of the pop music these days.” said, Bob Dooshfukr, the show’s host. “People kept calling into the station saying, ‘What is that?’ and ‘I’m going to kill you if you don’t make it stop.'”

“I’ve seen them a few times. The music is terrible, but performances are unbelievable. Once I saw the drummer bend the singer over his lap, pull down his pants, and play the intro to ‘Wipe Out’ on his bare ass,” reminisced onlooker, Mae Bagoda. “These guys are weird as hell. The one guy’s over there screaming at a tree and a topless lady is standing on a trash can juggling a ping pong ball with a hammer. I definitely wouldn’t call that music.”


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