Louis C.K Back with New Broadway Show


Comedian Louis C.K. is back on Broadway with an attempt to revive his comedy career after it was exposed that he was inappropriate with several women co-workers. The show will get him back to his roots as a comedic writer and highlight his love of New York City and Broadway.

The performance kicks off with some stand-up discussing the many boring states C.K. has been to and how he masturbated in them along with how shitty they are compared to New York. He then continues with a condescending rant about how young Americans are narcissistic, impatient and don’t appreciate technology. Afterwards, he’ll use the N word. Later, in an attempt to make light of his recent troubles, he’ll re-enact his infamous movie trailer meeting. This involves C.K. striping off his clothes on stage and masturbating until climaxing on his own stomach – He’ll be charging a premium for front row seats. At another point in the show, in an apparent diss to comedian, Jim Gaffigan, Louis pleasures himself with a ham and cheese Hot Pocket and afterwards sings, “Hot semen pocket!” mimicking Gaffgan’s high whispery voice. The finale includes, as you might have guessed, C.K. masturbating but this time it’s directed into the audience and he is joined on stage by fellow #metoo veteran and plansturbator, Harvey Weinstein, who masturbates into a plant along side Louis.

“I went for one of the previews and I was willing to give him a second chance, but there was a lot of masturbating in this..I mean a lot,” said recent audience member, Shell Micheals. “I thought it was really funny how he kept masturbating. At one point I started masturbating too but security shined a light on me and everyone started pointing and laughing at my penis,” enthused, Reece Fapper.

“Everyone loves it so far, I mean they’d all heard my masturbation jokes and the stories, but this show gives me an opportunity to really connect with the audience and fully release my talents on them in a way that’s really palpable,” explained C.K. of the show.


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