Man Denied Employer Reimbursement for Dog Euthanasia


Newark, NJ resident and dog enthusiast, Rudy Goldstein, was recently denied reimbursement by his employer for the euthanasia of his pet dog, Mortie. After a first reimbursement request for boarding costs was rejected, he submitted the euthanasia request, reasoning that he couldn’t afford boarding costs and would need to put his dog to sleep. “I only half expected them to take it seriously – I was trying to make a point but the whole thing just got blown out of proportion. I’d never euthanize my dog just to save a couple bucks. Having said that, they were having me travel two and three weeks at a time and Mortie wasn’t going to watch himself,” explained Goldstein.

A company representative commented that, “The incident was very stressful for the HR employee. The email was written in such a way as to make her feel personally responsible for the dogs death – she required several weeks of life coaching for her recovery.” The company also noted that they would consider cat euthanasia reimbursement but killing dogs was going too far.

Goldstein further explained, “The company didn’t take it too well. Luckily, all I had to do was apologize to the oversensitive and humorless HR lady and I was able to keep my job.” As for Mortie, he came out of the whole ordeal relatively unscathed, save for a minor lifestyle change. “To save some money, I had to start buying Walmart’s, ‘Ol Roy dog food instead of the Purina brand. I don’t think he really noticed but I’m pretty sure I read it contains arsenic.”


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